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message in a throttle..

m = Mass
c = Charge
D = Density
V = Volume
l = Length
h = Height
w = Width
A = Area

E = mc^2
V = l*w*h

m = V/D
D = m/V

Density taxidermy of the millenium too future evolution as:
humans, twins, clones, drones and ohmens; all grown men.

Definitions: (differences in audit of the equalateral taxidermy)

HUMAN - For all intent and purpose this will be the eldest known form of creationism of a human individual by means of the reproductive system of a male and female in nature. From my perspective this seemingly is true, but the complex of a difference in time also seemingly does not know cohearse it's lack there of boundry to beginning. Then let's consider human A, a single person of birth from two parents.

TWINS - A child of this particular occurance derived much like the human A, appears with a sibling in nature in such that they are born during the same instance of labor and as well have two parents whom concieve through the reproductive system. Yet in still the child adapts to an environment so similar in beginning that the continued path may keep them identical considerably in view and spirit.

CLONE - This occurance of new bron state is much different then considered to be a human or twin as the stasis of stat timing does not adhere to the initial beginning of the life of a clone's intendent. The conception whether reproductive system or embrotic stem cell seperate of the host parent is inceminated with the serrogate in a scientifica manor using the extensive map of a living others code.

DRONE - Important to the clone the drone illuminates a reason to reference of difference in why a clone in nature appeals to a seemingly seperate realm of conditions which in reality is more like viable concious of a compound aware while not dissern which is prequisits to reason of density taxidermy required to alieve the nature of said existance in occurance with out the advent of new human slavery.

OHMEN - Pre-primordial with not soul similar to a drone whom gains it's nature's state is the ohmen of just body parts, grown similar in selection of ones map the code is exact to the isolated one or many cells in literal cell by cell able selection that allows replication making for the similarity in realm like feelings but not as much thought. This is where the density equalteral explains with all of the above as body part growth selectivly.

EARTH - Cloning is banned, as well as stem cell research which was the embryotic use of a ovarium externally with a target portion of, and the coding of ones map, or partial there of, to impass the growth nature of synapse ohm prune. Consider an injury, which results in a whole half of a body grown in the ohmen, where as there is not time catch defined, but rather take the double time to grow, literal a offset nature, can occur repeatidly. So for instance, if one, a half a body is added to the density of the individual, then at time of said grown another exists forever as, even in disposal, while yet take more time, and find you may again invalidate connect the density of the literal human at any age will be then three defined a body half plus the one more of the whole. Time one half and three halves where the whole is broken apart from the original vessle but not lost it in condition of density over growth. So to exume from failure nature of a pressured realmish suffor of misunderstanding that apedemically corrodes like imbalanced nature, the mathematics of the mass, volume and density to all human need state of resolute to taxidermy equality in cost of a human match with all these advents of existance on once in the garden, forever the cabage patch.