How to recreate a scenario to exhibit nullsoft's NDIS
real time streaming cause microscopic skin burns via

Packet eclipsing Setup:

All internet connections going through the same WiFi and wire hub router/modem connected to the internet.

A desktop computer connected by wire to the wireless router, with Nullsoft’s Winamp software installed.

A USB FM transmitter that is able transmits the sound output of the desktop computer over FM radio.

Also a mobile pocket FM receiver with headphones to play NDIS streams over a short wave FM transmission and to play it hands free.

A PlayStation Portable equipped with Nullsoft’s shout cast player app to receive and play NDIS stream over the WiFi.

Any other WiFi capable device that is able to constant download or constant internet traffic over the WiFi from the internet.

Set the PSP to receive a Shoutcast NDIS stream, turn the volume down and let it constantly stream.

Set the desktop computer to receive the same Shoutcast NDIS stream, and wear the headphones, keeping the player in your pocket, it maybe matters that this one keeps volume and on your person.

Set the 3rd device to a constant download stream of any data from the internet that you’re able. Find a really large download or upload if you can, possibly bandwidth tests as they shouldn't mind a macro repeating it, something to cause potential lag

Spend some time with this setup and look for any feeling of skin anomalies in sense such as microscopic fire pinches in like tiny pin like pokes of burn, and it maybe very subtle too like a tormenting itch that changes places but doesn’t cease in time.

I think it's sufficient enough to explain the protocol as actual real time the best possible with compression types such as mp3 or jpg, where as if the latency is behind the protocol itself truncates late data into packet loss, or that is eclipse in variant air waves that can be felt of the packet loss quite literal in wave transfer when both waives are equipped with the protocol and one falls behind with out the other, from the downloading of normal data.

I found this by accident for listening so much, it might also exacerbate if there is temperature change and moisture on your skin then dried, electricity shorts in water?

I had techno on in my bedroom wireless TV for ambient background, and when I would go to smoke I would put it on in my headphones, until I just wore them and turned it down but not off on my TV, and my PSP toggled for battery outage on my mp3 player for portability.

I wonder if there is a change in decay rate of metal if for instance it was only on wires, not going over the airwaves. Maybe the FCC should enforce the internet to explicit paths, so that certian traffic can't go airwave, this techonology maybe is best on a optic, or vice versa metal wires. I find it strange how I come to notice this with how small the burns are seemingly like I had too much salt iin my diet and am now dry skin. But, it also touches in kenetic body electricity chemistry right where my freckels are.